The principal question that strikes a chord is azdel? Azdel is a composite board that is involved by top travel trailer makers as an option in contrast to other compressed wood and Luan. These composite boards are impervious to decay and they are lighter than wood. This item likewise gives better protection. It makes amazing RV walls both outside and inside. Many travel trailers utilize the composite board as azdel is a significant wellspring of providers in the RV business. It was 2006 when these boards were utilized as a swap for Luan pressed wood boards. The movement trailers that utilization azdel are as per the following,

Nexus RV

Spear Campers



Peak RV


Heartland RV

Rebel RV



East to West RV

Early evening

Jayco-Jay Quill Miniature series

Woodland Waterway

This multitude of models don't utilize azdel as a particular maker boats for sale. At times, they use Azdel in a portion of the pieces of the models yet not really on the walls. You should check and affirm from the RV vendor or maker assuming that azdel is utilized in the assembling or not.

Benefits of Azdel Composite boards

Decay safe


No delamination

They are cut safe and effect.

They don't contain formaldehyde.

Lighter than wood by up to half yet it is 2x more grounded than wood

Temperature and moistness change open minded. They are not harmed from defrosting or freezing.

This multitude of attributes make them wonderful to use in movement trailer outside and inside walls, allotments, floors,

entryways, cupboards, and rooftops. Right around 20 producers are utilizing azdel on the whole or a portion of their RV models. A division of Timberland Stream Coachman RV is one of the main clients of azdel due for its potential benefits.

The organization of the composite board contains many layers. The outside of the movement trailer is the top layer of fiberglass. Then, at that point, the azdel board is trailed by an enlivening inside board and a layer of protection. These boards are made in the USA by Hanwa. The genuine name of this item is Superlite however later on, it was changed to Azdel.

On the off chance that you see that a camper maker isn't utilizing azdel however they are utilizing Luan compressed wood. You can contrast this item with Luan.

The result of protection in the azdel camping area board is multiple times higher than the protection of wood.

Azdel is half lighter than Luan.

The main component where azdel misfortunes the benefit, when contrasted with Luan, is the less expensive cost of Luan contrasted with Azdel.

Delamination Issue

The most well-known issue with RVs is delamination. Delamination is the point at which the gel coat or external fiberglass begins getting discrete from the substrate which is Luan with lightweight pressed wood. As a rule, it begins as a little break that progresses in years with time. When the water goes in the break then these fixes become more costly.

Just water causes the delamination in azdel. You can play out a test by absorbing the piece of Azdel and Luan which the piece of the board ought to be set in water for 51 days. The outcome would be that azdel will stay unaffected however the Luan will get apparent rot and form. The water saturating defrosting, freezing and hot temperatures will make the board isolated and decay. Form and mold can create.

Against delamination, azdel is the best assurance. In any case, you ought to likewise get ordinary upkeep administrations on your movement trailer. It implies that you ought to keep up with and check the windows, rooftop seals, and slide-outs so the water stays away.

Luan pressed wood is a generally excellent material and it is as yet utilized by numerous RV and travel trailer organizations. In Luan, the dampness issue is an exceptionally enormous issue. However, Azdel boards effectively keep up with the RV by wiping out the issue by giving numerous different advantages. In Azdel boards you need to pay a premium yet eventually, all the cash will be worth the effort. The excessive cost likewise has an extraordinary effect in the upkeep and nature of your RV.

To get the RVs with Azdel composite board our Jayco and Timberland Waterway sellers can help you in Mississippi, Tennessee.